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Posted in Pubblica utilità on 24 gennaio 2007 by patatromb
Presto su queste pagine, in esclusiva per voi, un’esclusiva esclusiva!!!! Il primo romanzo a puntate del vostro nuovo scrittore preferito!!!!
Preparatevi a intrighi internazionali, storie d’amore travolgenti, azione e un sano tocco di misticismo che non guasta proprio mai!!!
Si accettano proposte per la trama.
Il Vs nuovo scrittore preferito

Pino DJ

Posted in Musica on 15 gennaio 2007 by patatromb
Good day to everyone reading this post!
Well, why am i here now?
My great friend, Pino DJ asked me a favor i can’t deny him! So, here it is the link to his official myspace page: ! Be sure to check it out because the Word must be spread, but take care not to connect to a fake (you know, out there it’s full of criminals who want to fraudulently undertake merits that are only proper of the great musician we are talking about!)!
So, i repeat it for the last time: check out Pino DJ’s official page, but don’t forget to visit this space, too!
Yours Truly, Marco Trombetta.

the tragedy

Posted in Wisdom on 13 gennaio 2007 by patatromb
…when your dad is standing next to you who vainly try to study, and he talks to you every second showing his collection of coins, and you try to tell him that his matter is really interesting but the exams are coming soon and you must concentrate on them and he becomes offended because of this and starts to talk in a nervous way and you have no chance to study anymore…


Posted in Pubblica utilità on 9 gennaio 2007 by patatromb
Sorry for you all but today i’m going down to Venice so i won’t have the time to upload this page for a couple of days, or at least i don’t think i’ll have the will to do it in my department’s PC room (let’s call it that way!).
And sorry but get used to this absence of mine! for now i’ve been able to stay home for a quite long time but as soon as the already cited exams are over, my undelayable commitments will force me far for my beloved town, Gorizia. Anyway, we will see what will happen, don’t cry before you hurt yourself child!
P.S.: as you can see, i had fun discovering a new usage of this blog….woah this is really fun!
For italian speakers….gente ci si rivede tra un paio di giorni, ora faccio la valigia e parto per Venezia.
日本人へ: ただいまベニスへ行ってるから、12日までこのウェッブサイトをアップロードすることが全然出来ないと思って、失礼します。
한국사람들에: 오늘 배니스 에 가다. 그래서 1월 12일 까지 내 사이트를 못 갱신 하다.

A philosophical reasoning pt.1

Posted in Wisdom on 8 gennaio 2007 by patatromb
These days i have plenty of time, even tought i should prepare my upcoming exams.
Due to  this, i’m in my home almost all day – my friends all have to work or study, the weather is not so good (to be honest, it really sucks today) and the school books are waiting for me to read them.
Nonetheless, i can’t read those ugly 古文書 all day, and so i get connected to internet often enough to find the time to upload this homepage every day. My actual problem is that i don’t really have anything to write lately; at the same time, i want to do it (it’s FUN!), and so i find myself in the dilemma of writing just for writing’s sake or not writing anything since i have nothing to say. And after all, who will read these lines? I could even write gurumbasorozzo badarollon sgrupp, and no one will complain about it!
so, gurumbasorozzo badarollon sgrupp! and also gruflin feredenzoll kelbtronf, and finally suguru gurubu.

Introduction for international readers

Posted in Wisdom on 6 gennaio 2007 by patatromb
I guess i should use english in this pages, since i really want all the people i know ‘round the globe to read them. But, if we consider my very poor english skills, we can conclude that i’d better write in my mother language…
Nevertheless, i feel that it is not always a good thing to do only good things. and, yes!, i know this sentence has no meaning but i know what i want to say, and if you want to understand it too, then read on! or not! 
Well, let me explain: writing in Italian is The Good Thing to do. Now try to imagine you are a foreigner and you want to read these lines that will greatly enrich you sad, lonely life: the only thing you can do is to learn italian. But maybe for the day you’ll master it enough to read my words, they won’t be online anymore and thus the three years spent on learning that hard, sometimes illogic language will become wasted time! This teaches us that the good thing is not always a good thing for everyone, since the good thing for everyone is hard to find.
Yet, my heart is big and compationable, so i will allow you all to read important words of wisdom, even if in doing so i will rape any foreing language i know! Turning the bad good (turning the Italian English, or Japanese, or Korean, or Hungarian), i will spread joy and happiness in the Cosmos just like Mahavairocana does, all of this just because i have a lot of time to waste. Be grateful to me, my foreing friend!
Yours truly, Marco

saluti poliglotti

Posted in Pubblica utilità on 6 gennaio 2007 by patatromb
szia anyàm, szeretlek!
안녕 하세요, 읽고 있는 사람?
welcome to my personal page, i just wanted to see if i can use other languages for the blog
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