A philosophical reasoning pt.1

These days i have plenty of time, even tought i should prepare my upcoming exams.
Due to  this, i’m in my home almost all day – my friends all have to work or study, the weather is not so good (to be honest, it really sucks today) and the school books are waiting for me to read them.
Nonetheless, i can’t read those ugly 古文書 all day, and so i get connected to internet often enough to find the time to upload this homepage every day. My actual problem is that i don’t really have anything to write lately; at the same time, i want to do it (it’s FUN!), and so i find myself in the dilemma of writing just for writing’s sake or not writing anything since i have nothing to say. And after all, who will read these lines? I could even write gurumbasorozzo badarollon sgrupp, and no one will complain about it!
so, gurumbasorozzo badarollon sgrupp! and also gruflin feredenzoll kelbtronf, and finally suguru gurubu.

2 Risposte to “A philosophical reasoning pt.1”

  1. Davide Says:

    Che bullo! il re dei fighi ora ha il suo posto su internet… così la conquista del mondo multimediale è avviata… ma pino dj?

  2. Ya\’ll have news soon


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