Sorry for you all but today i’m going down to Venice so i won’t have the time to upload this page for a couple of days, or at least i don’t think i’ll have the will to do it in my department’s PC room (let’s call it that way!).
And sorry but get used to this absence of mine! for now i’ve been able to stay home for a quite long time but as soon as the already cited exams are over, my undelayable commitments will force me far for my beloved town, Gorizia. Anyway, we will see what will happen, don’t cry before you hurt yourself child!
P.S.: as you can see, i had fun discovering a new usage of this blog….woah this is really fun!
For italian speakers….gente ci si rivede tra un paio di giorni, ora faccio la valigia e parto per Venezia.
日本人へ: ただいまベニスへ行ってるから、12日までこのウェッブサイトをアップロードすることが全然出来ないと思って、失礼します。
한국사람들에: 오늘 배니스 에 가다. 그래서 1월 12일 까지 내 사이트를 못 갱신 하다.


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